miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

Wishlist #1 // SheIn //

Hey there! If you have followed me for a considerable amount of time you may know that I love making wishlists. So here's a quick post in which I share with you some of my favourite SheIn items this month. You can check them in more detail just by clicking the images. 
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
And here's the latest promotion I wanted to share with you: 

Celebrate for New Year

Get $10 off over $90        CODE: SMJ10
Get $25 off over $140      CODE: SMJ25
Get $35 off over $210      CODE: SMJ35

Happy New Year

Get ready to shop your favourite for new year party

Visit SheIn, you will be surprised

viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

#studyspo #studygram #stationery and #inserthashtaghere

Hi there!
First post of the year and as a new year has just started, I've decided to give shape to all the plans I've been thinking of in 2017. One of them was to give this blog a different shade since my interests have changed a bit over time and I've reconciliated myself with the fact that I love to study, I love stationery items and I love following study-related accounts everywhere.

I've always loved stationery and I've always loved the feeling of coping with homework, study material and classes. 
I remember when I was little, I asked Santa -or Papá Noel, as we call in in South America- not to bring dolls or fancy toys but to get me some pencils, pens, pencil cases, and all the stuff you can fill a desk with. 
That being said, I want to share this aspect of myself here with all the readers that come to this humble blog. It's not that I will stop posting the previous type of content, I just want to add this type of posts to my feed as I think they are very pretty and sometimes they can be interesting. I believe most of my readers are students and I don't know the rest of the people, but I personally get really motivated by seeing others' posts about their study sessions or their passing marks here and there.

Una publicación compartida de Studied, then succeeded (@studied_then_succeeded) el

Therefore, I invite you to follow my Instagram account (@studied_then_succeeded) totally devoted to this #studyspo type of content I am eager to share. Of course I've started posting a short time ago so you won't see a huge following and my pictures still need to be perfected but I hope you like it anyway :) if you have a studygram, feel free to comment and I will follow you back! 

viernes, 18 de agosto de 2017

♡ Fashion Store Insights ♡ YOINS

Dear followers and readers,

While doing one of the things I always do in my online navigation -eyeing clothes in online shops I like- I stumbled upon Yoins, one of the sites I enjoy visiting and from which I create my personal wishlists. 
The website is available in many languages so you can take a look at it without your language being a barrier. However, we look at the clothes, right? So, why not look at some of my picks from this website? (It was pretty hard to actually "pick" something, I like most of their clothes and accessories). 

1. Sweatshirt // 2. Jogger // 3. Co-ord

You may have noticed that my picks are all related to an active lifestyle, and luckily, Yoins has a nice selection of various women activewear online. To be honest, I've never been a fan of sporty clothes, mainly because I am not such an active person. But my lifestyle is changing and this is one of the categories I look for in websites like this one nowadays.  But this is not the only category worth the highlighting. They also offer you a huge variety of other types of clothes, including fashion casual playsuits for women online. I love this category as well, so why not take a look at what I have selected? (I would love to know what items are your favourites as well :)

1. Playsuit // 2. Playsuit // 3. Playsuit 

Again, it was really difficult to pick only three, but I did my best. I'm sure if you dive in this fashion website, you will feel the same :)

miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

♡ Fashion Store Insights ♡ FashionMia

Hello dear readers ♡
Today I'm bringing one of my favourite websites to your reading list. I've been eyeing some of their clothes for weeks and I've decided to share with you my favourite items from FashionMia.
One of the things I like the most about this website are their cute dresses. I recommend you to take a look at them, you won't regret seeing how wide the variety of lenght, style and colours is.

1. Off Shoulder Lace Skater Dress // 2. Pleated Bodice Sweet Heart Floral Printed Skater Dress // 3. Round Neck Swing Floral Printed Vacation Chiffon Maxi Dress

1. Vintage Polka Dot Sweet Heart Skater Dress // 2. Chic Solid Hollow Out Round Neck Patchwork Skater Dress // 3. Round Neck Belt Remarkable Printed Sleeveless Skater Dress

And, speaking of variety, if you don't fit the standard body type - just like me - then, you would like to check their plus size clothing because it's gorgeous!

1. Round Neck Hollow Out Plain Plus Size T-Shirt // 2. Bowknot Patchwork Hollow Out Plain Plus Size Flared Dress // 3. Band Collar Cutout Lace-Up Plus Size Bodycon Dress

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016

FashionMia: find your size

In my experience, and my friends' experiences, shopping for clothes has always been such a hard challenge and sometimes, it is exhausting. Finding something which colour, shape, fabric are of your choice, it's difficult. But it turns even more difficult when the "fitting in" time begins. How can I find something that not only fits me but also represents my taste? Well, it may seem simple if you have the body measures of a super model, but if you are chubby or have chubby legs, or have tiny legs but you are bigger in your chest as I am, it is probable that you won't find anything.

So, being aware of this, I started to look for online stores which offer plus size clothing. Sometimes "normal" size clothes fit me, but I need some space between my skin and the fabric.
In that search, I discovered this shop: FashionMia. They offer a wide variety of products.

Look at these gorgeous plus size bodycon dresses <3

Explore more bodycon dresses online here

FashionMia is also a very accessible site, the prices are not too up and the quality of their products seems to be really nice. 

I also like these plus size tops

jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

Irresistible Me Review: TRYING OUT

First of all, I am not a professional hair stylist. I'm not even close to be one. In other words, I seldom do anything else to my hair than brushing it.
But fortunately, although my hairstyling skills are ...none (ahaha), the Irresistible Me staff allowed me to review one of their products: The Ruby Auto Curling Iron.
If you want to know more about this curling iron, I encourage you to read the previous part of this review, in which I described it and talked about more or less what features you can discover using this tool:

I have said before that this thing is amazing. But now that I have tried it I think it's even cooler since it was relatively easy for me to use it although I am not used to this kind of stuff.
I didn't do something very fancy to my hair, I only made a few curls in the tips so as to make it more wearable (I don't feel comfortable with big changes :P)

I have to admit that at firts, when I first tried this curling iron out, everything was a mess, I don't know how can I explain what the locks of hair I "curled" look like (hahaha!) but then, when I started to get the handle on it, it started to look right and it was even entertaining!

I used a medium temperature (I mean, not the hottest nor the coldest) and it turned out right. It is very simple to use, I explained it in the post mentioned and linked above :)

Do not forget to tell me what do you think of this post, the product mentioned and everything else that comes to your mind in the comments. Maybe I take lots of time to answer them but believe me, I take what you think into account.

Do not forget to follow me on instagram!

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I encourage you to visit Irresistible Me <3

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016


Millybridal Long Prom Dresses

Followers and readers,

In this post, I'll show you a sweater I got from NEWCHIC. 
The sweater is great: warm, soft and it has lots of colors.
Unfortunately, I think it's sold out, but you can find more beautiful cardigans and sweaters here

What do you think? Have you ever tried something from NEWCHIC?

Psst!!! Here's a coupon code for you, with which you can enjoy 20%OFF! at NEWCHIC!
code: Arriana

valid until January 22nd, 2017 :)